• This information is for passenger with booking applies to Handling Guideline of BR/B7 flights affected by COVID-19, and uses EVA Air website / App to change date or flights. Due to system restriction, fare difference and ticket change fee will be collected when you make the change online. Please contact with EVA Air’s reservation center after completing the change, and proceed the return of the fee concerned.
  • This feature applies to changeable tickets purchased on our website or mobile app. Be advised that any special requests will be canceled upon the change and you will need to make a new request online or via reservations. Please read important notices before you change date/flights.
  • This function is not applicable for the below scenario. Please contact with our reservation or ticketing center to change your date / flight.
    (1) Transactions departing from Taiwan and being made before May 15, 2019 (time zone of departure city).
    (2) Transactions departing from U.S / Canada and being made before May 22, 2019 (time zone of departure city).
    (3) Transactions departing from other cities and being made before July 03, 2019 (time zone of departure city).
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  • The system offers booking/ticket modifications from 3~7 hours to 360 days prior to flight departure. The modification must apply to all passengers under the same booking. The booking modification/payment/ticket modification will be completed online simultaneously.
  • Online and mobile transactions that meets but not limited to the following conditions cannot use this service. Request for booking or ticket modification under any of such conditions should be directed to the EVA Air reservation center:
    (1) The transaction purchased through Multi-city/Stopovers channel;
    (2) The city (or airport) you wish to change to is different from that of the original purchased ticket;
    (3) The itinerary starts from Vietnam which was purchased on/before 18JUN2017;
    (4) The booking or ticket has previously been manually modified;
    (5) The booking record is not the original booking record of the ticket purchased, or the number of passengers is different from the original booking record;
    (6) The booking includes special requests, which require processing by the EVA Air reservation center, such as: pet transportation, cabin-seat baggage, various medical needs, medical/sports equipment transportation, etc.;
    (7) Unused booking and tickets may use this service for up to three times only; partially used ones may use this service once;
    (8) Award-upgraded bookings or tickets;
    (9) The booking includes additional service payments, such as pre-purchased baggage, prepaid Wi-Fi, etc.
    (10) The booking includes more than 9 passengers.
    (11) The transactions that part redeem with mileage.
  • Member mileage award tickets redeemed via this website cannot use this service.
  • Any special requests for the new itinerary must be requested again (e.g. seat selection/special meals/wheelchair…). Please make use of the website's Manage Your Trip service or contact EVA Air's booking staff for assistance. Certain special services are not guaranteed for modifications made within 24 hours before departure.
  • Ticket date and itinerary modifications may incur price differences and handling fees. Please refer to the information on the confirmation page.
  • You are advised to complete the payment for the modified booking/ticket with the same credit card used for the original purchase. If different credit cards are used, please carry both credit cards to the airport for verification.
  • In certain situations (e.g. change of departure in a peak-season to off-season), a cancellation and purchase of a new ticket may be cheaper than a ticket modification.