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Prepaid Excess Baggage

You can pre-purchase additional baggage allowance online at discounted rates!

If you need to change the date after completing the pre-payment, you have to contact reservation centers.

You could also log in by using your membership number to pre-purchase in "Manage your Trip".


Please enter your booking details

Enter your booking reference (6 letters and/or numbers) or ticket/EMD number (13 digits).

(Last Name, e.g. Smith)

(First Name + Middle Name, e.g. JohnKevin.Please skip if you do not have a first name.)


  • The sum of the three dimensions of each baggage may not exceed 158cm (62in).
  • Passengers travelling to destinations that adopt the weight concept in calculating excess baggage may purchase prepaid excess baggage in units of 5 kg (Maximum 30kgs for each baggage). The total weight of baggage purchasable for each flight segment shall not exceed 100 kg.
  • Passengers travelling to destinations that adopt the piece concept for calculating excess baggage, besides the original baggage allowance, may prepaid up to 5 pieces of excess baggage (Maximum 23kgs for each baggage).
  • Prepaid of excess baggage is not applicable to pets, oversized or overweight baggage, large sports equipment, etc.
  • Each passenger(excluding infant without a seat) is allowed to make one prepaid excess baggage purchase only per flight segment. To modify your transaction, you would need to cancel the original order and purchase again within purchase period.