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Invoice Application

  • This function is applicable only to online transactions (incl. flight tickets and chargeable seats、 extra baggage purchases and no show charge---) completed via the EVA Air official website, and offers purchase receipt for the buyers to keep as reference. Please do not tamper with the content or layout. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • Maximum number of applications: Each Certificate contains purchasing details on one passenger only. If your booking reference number is shared among more than one passenger, please fill in all names and ticket numbers separately for printing.
  • Inquiring about your ticket number: To safeguard your personal information, you are required to enter your name and ticket number for the printing of the Certificate. Please contact the ticketing staff at any EVA Air office if you do not know your ticket.

Nota: il numero del biglietto inizia con 69524 e il numero della ricevuta elettronica (EMD) per il bagaglio prepagato o altri servizi ausiliari inizia con 69545.

(Cognome, ad es. Smith)

(Primo nome + secondo Nome, ad es. Johnkevin.Si prega di saltare se non si dispone di un nome.)