Trực tiếp nhảy tới trang chính

Hành lý quá cước trả trước

Qúy khách sẽ được giảm giá khi mua trước hành lý ký gửi trực tuyến.

Nếu bạn cần đổi ngày sau khi hoàn tất thanh toán trước, bạn phải liên hệ với trung tâm đặt chỗ.

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  • The sum of the three dimensions of each baggage may not exceed 158cm (62in).
  • Passengers traveling to destinations that adopt the weight concept in calculating excess baggage may purchase prepaid excess baggage in units of 5 kg (Maximum 30kgs for each baggage). The total weight of baggage purchasable for each flight segment shall not exceed 100 kg.
  • Passengers traveling to destinations that adopt the piece concept for calculating excess baggage, besides the original baggage allowance, may prepaid up to 5 pieces of excess baggage (Maximum 23kgs for each baggage).
  • Prepaid of excess baggage is not applicable to pets, oversized or overweight baggage, large sports equipment, etc.
  • Each passenger(excluding infant without a seat) is allowed to make one prepaid excess baggage purchase only per flight segment. To modify your transaction, you would need to cancel the original order and purchase again within purchase period.